CUDOS-2018 Conference,Qatar

Sidra Medicine is hosting the Conference on Understanding molecular mechanisms in cardiovascular biology, Diabetes, Obesity and Stroke (CUDOS 2018) from 22-24 September 2018.

Following the success of CUDOS 2017, this year’s conference is themed on: Childhood Diabetes: From Novel Discoveries to Clinical Practice

Our motto is to improve lives through cutting edge research, stimulate and motivate, deliberate, and cooperate to emphasize a solution for various problems associated with childhood diabetes and complications. Our conference represents:

·         One of the typical avenues to establish new partnership & collaborations.

·         Best location to learn and inspire

·         Network expansion with both Academia and Business

·         An exciting professional learning experience and educational leadership


On behalf of Sidra Medicine and the Scientific Planning committee, it is my honor to invite you to the 2nd Annual Conference on Understanding Molecular Mechanisms in Cardiovascular Biology, Diabetes, Obesity and Stroke (CUDOS 2018) to be held at Qatar National Convention Centre, Auditorium I, Doha, Qatar on 22nd-24th September, 2018.

This year’s conference will bring together world-class diabetes specialists from around the globe and high-caliber Qatari researchers and clinicians to explore the challenges and treatment options for one of the world’s most prevalent disorders.

Our program agenda this year will comprise of 14 scientific session distributed over the three exciting days, including keynote lectures, plenary sessions, experts opinions, round table discussions, posters  presentations, award winners and social interactions among the diverse attendees. We are thrilled to host this meeting in Doha, Qatar’s fastest growing city and the host of 2022 FIFA World Cup.


The CUDOS, 2018 conference in Qatar is open for all the qualified professionals:

·         Physician

·         Pharmacist

·         Nurse

·         Medical Scientist/Researcher/ Trainee



·         Opening and Welcoming Remarks

·         Genetics and Environmental Triggers and Determinants of Type 1 Diabetes

·         Clinical Diabetes, Acute and Chronic Complications

·         Young Qatari Investigators in the Medical Sciences-Track 1

·         Care of Children and Adolescents with Diabetes

·         New Technologies, Clinical Trails and Therapeutic Approaches for the Management of Childhood Diabetes.

·         ASK THE EXPERTS  Roundtable Discussion: Pancreatic Islet Cellular Therapy Project in Qatar

·         Young Qatari Investigators in the Medical Sciences-Track 2

·         Prevention of Childhood Diabetes and its Complications

·         Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Pathophysiology of Childhood Diabetes

·         SPECIAL DISCUSSION– A discussion on the Future of Precision Medicine at Sidra: Research-Clinical and Pathological views

·         Pancreatic Islet Biology and Insulin Secretion

·         Young Qatari Investigators in the Medical Sciences-Track 3


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