Pharmacy Students – Qatar University, Industrial tour of QLIfe Pharma, Doha, QATAR

QLife Pharma, offers a visit to pharmacy students of Qatar University and a complete tour of the facility to understanding the complex operations of production- manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and packaging of different dosage forms. The objective of the visit was to help students understand what goes on within the pharmaceuticals industry.

Technical Director Dr. Chandra Shekar explained via power point presentation about manufacturing and QC testing of Semi-Solid and Liquid dosage forms before the visit about what goes on inside a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, their protocols, procedures/steps to perform QC test and market a drug product etc.

Students were toured to different departments, where they were explained in details about different on-going manufacturing and packing operations. They got some hands-on experience with packing operations, QC, QA and Warehouse in terms of storage and dispatches of pharmaceutical products they understood the analytical procedures, HPLC, GC, use of UV spectrophotometer, Students also interacted with the manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance team. Some of them also advised about career planning.

Followed by the visit, the CEO, Dr. Ahmed Al Mohanadi delivered a short speech and felicitated with certificate of participation in their chosen electives.

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