Aqueous Cream

Aqueous Cream  100 g 


Relieves dry and chapped skin

Active Ingredients:

Liquid Paraffin 15% w/w,

White Soft Paraffin 10% w/w.

Also contains: Cetosteryl alcohol 4%, Stearic acid 4%, Glycerin 3%, Demineral water,

emulsifying wax 3%,  Phenoxy ethanol, Perfume.


A dermatological cream for the symptomatic relief of dry skin.

This emollient cream helps to soothe, soften and moisturise dry skin conditions.




For the relief of the symptoms of dry skin conditions and for use instead of soap to wash the skin.

It moisturizes skin, improving flexibility and preventing crack at the protective layer of skin called

stratum comenum.



The cream is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free and so it will not increase the permeability of the skin barrier causes irritation.

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