Glucolife XR

Glucolife XR

Metformin Extended Release 500mg & 750mg tablet


Metformin, a biguanide antihyperglycemic agent;

Metformin XR usually have a slightly slower onset of action than immediate release, they maintain more consistent drug levels in your body. This means better treatment outcomes for longer and fewer chances of side effects.


For Type 2 diabetes GLUCOLIFE XR:

  • Offers better glycaemic control compared to IR formulation at 6 months
  • Offers a convenient once-daily dosing thus improves adherence
  • Lowers incidence of GI side effects compared to IR formulation1 (figure1)
  • The efficacy of ER is about 12 h.
  • Shows better improvement in TC and LDL-C compared to IR formulation (P<0.05)1



Usual starting dose is one tablet of 500 mg once daily

GI - Gastrointestinal

T2D - Type 2 Diabetes



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